***Your contribution to Chicuque Rural Hospital through The Advance ensures 100% of each dollar donated goes directly to the project. There are no applicable fees, administrative cost, or hidden charges. 

Donate to the life saving efforts

yearly budget = $70,000.00

There is a common burden in rural hospitals of developing countries. Many times lack of access to material and equipment will find the clinical staff scrambling to best attend to each patients. Every year the management team is responsible to raise the operational budget. Without committed, regular partners, Chicuque Rural Hospital could not operate as the only Level II facility for five districts. 

Our Greatest Challenges and Needs

some of what a donation Provides 

  • $12.00 - One box of Surgical Gloves
  • $100.00 - One tank of fuel for Ambulance
  • $20.00 - One set of bedsheets for patients
  • $200.00 - Month of communication costs
  • $1,ooo.oo - Month supply of Labratory reagents and tests.
  • $10.00 - New patient folders 
  • $100.00 - Month of firewood for patient meals

And much more!


How you can Help 

There are so many ways you can be a part of the Chicuque Rural Hospital story. Besides a financial commitment, here are some ideas on how to help:

  • Pray for the people and leaders of Mozambique
  • Download and share our BROCHURE (CLICK HERE)
  • Come for a volunteer or informational visit
  •  Follow us on FACEBOOK and stay connected
  • Share our story with your friends, help connect someones passion to Chicuque Rural Hospital
  • Host a fundraiser or join one of the hospital PARTNERS to directly impact the work done in Mozambique