Chicuque Rural Hospital
Maxixie, Mozambique
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Raising salary support for hosptial empolyees thorugh

#1 The Journey Begins...

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#3 How the Gift is used...

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How your donation makes a difference...

Your decision to come alongside in God's mission has a direct impact to the community of Chicuque. Money invested here, stays here. There is not the presence of large corporations or out-sourced wholesalers who benefit from money spent by employees.  Each dollar earned under the direction of employment through the hospital is reinvested in the community through small businesses, investment clubs (called shtikies), and families members.

We ask for your help in reaching our goal of $20,000 dollars. This amount is needed to fully support the more than 15 employees for all of 2018. Every dollar donated on November 28th, 2017 to The Advance Page will be used for salary support and financial security for one more year. The difference you make in the lives of the people here is evident every day on the smiles on their face.  Thank you in advance for all you love, prayers, and financial support on Giving Tuesday. 

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