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Executive Staff



General Director 

David McCormick

An international missionary through the General Board of Global Ministries, David brings a background in Business Management and Finance. Having previously held management positions in the insurance industry and employment in the marketing field, his goal is to offer a diverse experience of administration to the hospital. First and foremost a missionary, David seeks ways to incorporate justice, peace, and the love of Christ into all areas of hosptial operation.



Centenary College Of Louisiana B.S.; Business Administration and Economics, 2001

Goals for Chicuque Hospital

  • Quality service to whomever walks through the doors regardless of creed, color, religion, or nationality
  • Sustainable programs and policies to secure the future operation of the health facility
  • The love of Christ is known and shared through the contact with people of the community


Clincal Director

Idalia Jovita da Silva Macheve

My name is Idalia Macheve, born on 9/29/1986, graduated in General Medicine from Eduardo Mondlane University, I worked in Chicuque for 3 years and 6 months. And I have been in the Clinical Director for 6 months and I have as a main objective to improve the hospital indicators.
I would like to specialize in Pediatrics.



Eduardo Mondlane University
General Medicine, 2012

Goals for Chicuque Hospital

  • Comply with national directives
  • Increase medical service statistics
  • Increase supervision and training opportunities





Tânya Tulle

Tânya Tulle, born 8 of 11 of 1983. Natural of Chinde, Zambezia. Hospital Administration Tec,



Universidade Pedagogica de Maxixe
Administration, 2014

Goals for Chicuque Hospital

  • Increase safety around the hospital
  • Properly equip the staff 
  • Meet budgetary shortfalls through innovative management



Mauricio Jacinto Cumbi

I was born in the district of Homoine province of inhambane as of 10/10/1979. Licensed in general nursing and head nurse of the hospital. I have worked in the hospital since 2004. I like the ability to work in a multidisciplinary team. I would like to have a scholarship to do a master's degree in community health or nursing auditing.



Instituto Superior de Ciencias de Saude
Clincal Nursing, 2014

Goals for Chicuque Hospital

  • Increase quality care in the health center
  • Realize a supply and stock of medical equipment and material
  • Help facilitate job sharing and experience exchanges


Human Resources Director

Rosalía João

Rosália João, Professional Technician in Public Administration, born on 05/02/1981 in Jangamo, province of Inhambane, head of Human Resources. She finished her degree in management and commerce with qualifications in accounting.


Goals for Chicuque Hospital

  • Guarantee and assist in salary disbursements
  • Focus on training of senior level staff
  • Uphold the laws and procedures of the Ministry of Health


Universidade Pedagogica de Maxixe
Business Management, 2017