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Chicuque Rural Hospital has served the rural population of Southern Mozambique since 1913 when Methodist missionaries established a center for healthcare in Maxixe. Throughout the years, Mozambique decolonized, endured a 22-year civil war and the hospital remained a beacon of hope and help attending to the people of the community.

Through a partnership with the government’s Ministry of Health and the United Methodist Church of Mozambique this 135-bed facility continues as a center for healthcare to a population area of over 300,000. Offering ambulatory and in-patient care, Chicuque serves five districts and offers OB/GYN, Radiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Pediatrics, Urgent and Elective Surgeries, Dental Care, Physical Therapy, Ophthalmology, Chemotherapy, and more.




photos by Noe Cenal.

More than just a hospital...


Chicuque is proud to offer a variety of services to our patrons, all available on the same campus. There is the Chicuque Health Center which is open for all your Out-Patient needs, Chicuque Rural Hospital providing for In-Patient specialities, and the 24 hour Emergency Room and Pharmacy. Most recently Chicuque Health Center and Hospital have joined to provide Special Clinic and Hospitalization Services (Concierge Services). For more information on each area, see below:



Chicuque Health Center

Open Daily from 7:ooam to 8:oopm

Open to all out-patient needs, the health center is operated on a first come first serve basis. This free health care is available as a walk-in service and for scheduled follow-ups. 


Chicuque Rural Hospital

135 Beds available in four infirmaries 

The hospital has the capacity for admitted patients in the Pediatrics, Maternity, Surgery, and Internal Medicine infirmaries. The Operating Block performs both urgent and elective surgeries and a newly expanded maternity wing offers seven private birthing areas. 


Emergency Room/Pharmacy

24 hour accessibility 

Located in the middle of the campus, the emergency room is staffed around the clock. A dedicated team of urgent care specialist await to help you in your time of most need. 


Concierge Services

private and personal scheduled health care  

For our patrons who wish to manage their time more efficiently, Chicuque Hospital and Health Center offers the option to schedule an out-patient visit with a qualified doctor, at your convenience. Also available is a private hospitalization room providing the personalized convenience to recover and recuperate in a comfortable setting. 

Finding your way here...


Chicuque Rural Hospital is located in the Rumbana neighborhood of Maxixe, Mozambique. A six hour drive from the capital city of Maputo, or a one hour from Inhambane International Airport. Chicuque is located on Rua Bishpo Almeida Penicla in the Chicuque Christ Mission of the United Methodist Church of Mozambique.